Put a backpainted glass backsplash in your kitchen

Top 10 Painting contractors - Blogs - Faq's - Answers - There are some considerations you should be aware of, however. . More importantly, it can withstand the wide, rapid changes in temperature around the stove. . Tempered glass resists impacts and shattering. You can purchase tempered glass in custom or standard sizes. Glass is easy to work with in the kitchen, which gives you another reason to consider it as a decorative and functional element. If you intend to put glass behind or beside your stove, you’ll want to use tempered glass ..More

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UV glass printing catches on

Locate Nearby Painting inspection contractors - Helpful Resources - inspections, maintenance, replacements & upgrades - Printing directly onto glass eliminates the extra labor, materials and expertise needed to mount transparent film on glass. . It also excels in short-run applications, which means that it can be used to create highly customized printed glass products affordably. UV inkjet glass printing delivers a vibrant, photorealistic image, printed directly onto glass. Because the inkjet UV glass printing process is efficient, it produces a superior product at a lower overall cost ..More

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Neutral-cure silicone adhesives

Service Expert Painting companies - Ask And Expert - Repair Forum Pages - Exposure to low temperatures can cause the acrylic adhesive to fail even faster, and could result in unrepairable damage to your backpainted glass. . Acrylic adhesives aren’t flexible after curing, so they will crack, shrink and even freeze at low temperatures! They’ll also harden and discolor when exposed to high heat or UV light ..More

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Backpainted Plexiglas using glass paint

21 Best licensed Painting contractors - Talk To An Expert - Repair DIY Wikipedia - . . It’s most convenient to cut the Plexiglas to its final shape prior to painting. Cutting the Plexiglas first will avoid the possibility of damaging the paint during the cutting process ..More

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Glass paint in the bathroom

21 Best Painting companies - Guide & Tips On - maintenance, upgrades, inspections & installations - . You can create decorative freestyle patterns, or you can also work with a stencil to achieve your desired look. Bathroom tiles have been glazed, but glass paint will bond to the glaze just as it would to glass. . The tiles should be try to the touch in about 2 hours or less. Wipe up any spills or drips immediately with a small amount of acetone. They will be safe to handle in about 4 hours, and cured in 24-48 hours, provided you also use the Glassprimer™ glass paint catalyst. A small, high-quality brush will allow you to control the paint well on tiles that have already been set. Without the catalyst, glass paint can take as much as a year to cure completely. We do not recommend skipping the catalyst for “working” surfaces like bathroom tile ..More

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