Water based glass paint

Popular certified Painting contractors - Service Contractor Blogs - You can handle water based glass paint after about 4 hours, and it cures in 1-3 days, forming that permanent bond we’re known for. . . How durable is our water based glass paint? It’s just as tough as our solvent based paint. Just beautiful backpainted glass for a wide range of applications. Once the paint is cured, you can drill it, cut it or sand it without worrying about damaging the glass paint. You’ll still get the same permanent bond with glass that Glassprimer™ glass paint is known for. And even though it’s water based, humidity can’t touch it! No peeling, no delaminating, no cracking, no bubbling ..More

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Blend paint colors like a pro

Service Expert master Painting companies - Home Service Blogs - This color scheme is an attention-getting combination. . If you want to try this approach, consider choosing one color in your palette to be the primary color, and use the remaining two as accent colors. You can create a color triad when you choose three shades that are 120 degrees apart on the color wheel. You can get a wider range of color options by varying the saturation of the colors in the palette. Color triad ..More

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Correcting imperfections in glass paint

List Of commercial Painting contractors - Repair, Service, Maintenance Forums - Thick coats of paint not only take longer to dry, but that longer drying time leaves more time for your project to pick up dust, dirt and other unwanted inclusions. . Once your paint has been applied to the glass, allow it to dry in a clean, protected space. If you need to remove paint, it’s easier to remove a thin application of paint than a thick one, so thin coats of glass paint will set you up for a great finish. If you’ve applied a thin coat of paint, you should be able to handle the project safely in about four hours. You can also reduce the need for correcting imperfections in glass paint applications by applying paint carefully in thin coats, and allowing the paint to dry fully between coats ..More

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Glass paint and exterior projects

Find best 10 emergency Painting contractors - Talk To An Expert - Faqs - Message Board - We can also match virtually any paint palette from any major paint manufacturer. . That gives you maximum flexibility when decorating the exterior of your home. Once the paint has cured, it will not peel, fade, crack or bubble. Because Glassprimer™ glass paint offers a thermal resistance to 350 F, you can safely apply it to outdoor surfaces that receive direct sun exposure and are likely to retain heat ..More

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Installing backpainted glass

Service Expert Painting companies - Helpful Links - Repair, Maintenance & installation - Priming is also not necessary for the substrate surface. Acetoxy silicone glues will not harm the glass paint itself, but they can corrode metals. If the intended substrate surface is oily, it can be cleaned with a solvent like paint thinner. Because they can cause damage to the substrate, we do not recommend their use with glass paint projects. Do not use acetoxy-cure silicone glues. These adhesives release acetic acid during the curing process, and have a slight odor while curing. Neutral-cure silicone glues. No significant surface preparation is required for the substrate, as long as the substrate surface is clean and dry. ) Neutral cure silicone is a low-odor product that begins to cure immediately upon contact with air. Silicone glues can be used to mount backpainted glass, but it’s important to choose a neutral-cure silicone glue. Neutral cure silicone adhesives typically don’t require any additives or mixing, and begin to skin almost immediately. . (GE Silicone II products are neutral-cure glues ..More

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