Low-iron glass and glass paint projects

Best Local emergency Painting contractors - Talk To An Expert - Forum Pages - . The silica, soda ash and limestone are heated to temperatures of more than 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit! At this temperature, the ingredients liquefy, and glass can be shaped or molded. Ordinary clear glass is made primarily from sand (silica), soda ash and limestone. Some formulations use other “ingredients” to create glasses with different qualities. As it cools to room temperature, the mixture hardens into what we think of as a solid, even though it retains its liquid characteristics. ..More

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Blend paint colors like a pro

Best Local Painting contractors - Blogs & Forums - Balance isn’t the key here – use one primary color and use the rest to create accents. To create this palette, choose a primary color and its complement. A color rectangle also uses two sets of complementary colors, but they’re not evenly spaced on the color wheel. Then choose a color that is 60 degrees away from your primary color and that color’s complement. . Color rectangle. You’ll be able to extend your options to blend paint colors by varying the saturation of the colors in your basic palette ..More

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Installing backpainted glass

10 Best reputed Painting companies - Resources & Guides - inspections, maintenance, replacements & upgrades - No significant surface preparation is required for the substrate, as long as the substrate surface is clean and dry. (GE Silicone II products are neutral-cure glues. Acetoxy silicone glues will not harm the glass paint itself, but they can corrode metals. Because they can cause damage to the substrate, we do not recommend their use with glass paint projects. Silicone glues can be used to mount backpainted glass, but it’s important to choose a neutral-cure silicone glue. ) Neutral cure silicone is a low-odor product that begins to cure immediately upon contact with air. Do not use acetoxy-cure silicone glues. These adhesives release acetic acid during the curing process, and have a slight odor while curing. Priming is also not necessary for the substrate surface. . If the intended substrate surface is oily, it can be cleaned with a solvent like paint thinner. Neutral-cure silicone glues. Neutral cure silicone adhesives typically don’t require any additives or mixing, and begin to skin almost immediately ..More

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Water based glass paint

10 Best reputed emergency Painting contractors - Technicians Talk Blogs - . You can also use double-sided glazier’s tape that’s rated to support the weight of your project. . You can mount glass painted with Glassprimer™ water based glass paint with neutral cure silicone glue ..More

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UV glass printing catches on

Local master Painting contractors - Repair & Service Forums - We offer Glassprimer™ glass surface molecular activator for UV glass printing applications. com, we think that glass is an ideal painting medium, especially when Glassprimer™ glass paint is used! But glass painting isn’t the only thing you can do with glass. . At GlassPaint ..More

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