Transparent painted glass – a how-to

Best Local Painting contractors - DIY Guide Forums - The Glassprimer™ GP083® molecular activator doesn’t convert the paint into glass paint, but it does sufficiently treat the surface of the glass to create the nanoscale bonding properties paint requires to adhere to the glass. ..More

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Installing backpainted glass

Directory Listing Of Painting contractors - Repair Tech Blogs - Apply the mastic according to the manufacturer’s directions. Mirror mastic. This type of mastic is not sufficient to bond your project to your substrate. Instead, use the paint-can style mirror mastic. Mirror mastic (the kind that comes in a paint can), is sufficient to bond your backpainted glass to drywall, wood, tile or other substrate materials. Some formulations of mirror mastic are black. If the color of the mastic is a concern, some manufacturers do make a white formulation. Don’t worry – the mastic will not show through the backpainted glass. You can use mirror mastic to install your backpainted glass project. Usually, cleanup with mineral spirits is recommended. Do not use the “caulk tube”-style mirror mastic that you can find in home improvement stores. ..More

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Glass paint on windows

10 Best reputed industrial Painting contractors - Ask And Expert - Repair Forum Pages - Glass paint has a lot of practical applications, but you can also use Glassprimer™ glass paint on windows to add an artistic touch to any space. Whether you’re looking to create an interior glass painting, or dress up an exterior window, Glassprimer™ glass paint offers the widest range of color and opacity options on the market today. ..More

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Opaque glass paint does exist!

Best Local Painting repair contractors - Helpful Links - maintenance, upgrades, inspections & installations - In many glass paint applications, the opacity of the coating doesn’t matter, but for those applications where you need truly opaque glass paint, look no farther than Glassprimer™ glass paint. This means you can count on getting the color and the coverage you want for your glass paint application. You can order Glassprimer™ glass paint in any paint color. In fact, we can match any paint color from any major paint manufacturer. ..More

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Glass paint and exterior projects

Best Local master Painting companies - Helpful Resources - inspections, maintenance, replacements & upgrades - Thicker coats of paint will require longer curing time. Full curing usually requires 24-48 hours, provided that you have used the specially formulated Glassprimer catalyst. One important key to remember when applying glass paint is that thin coats work best. Thin coats allow glass paint to dry and cure properly. Thick coats of paint substantially increase the drying and curing time for glass paint. . When applied in thin coats, glass paint typically dries to the touch in about 2-3 hours, and can be handled safely in about 4 hours ..More

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