Acetoxy-cure silicone adhesives and glass paint

Top 10 Painting contractors - Repair Service blogspot - Repair, Maintenance & installation - . The other common kind of silicone adhesive is called acetoxy-cure silicone adhesive, and we do not recommend their use for mounting glass paint projects to various substrates. In my last post, we looked at neutral cure silicone adhesives, and why they’re preferred for mounting glass paint projects. Let’s take a look at the differences between neutral-cure silicone and acetoxy-cure silicone adhesives, and why they should not be used for mounting glass paint projects ..More

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Correcting imperfections in glass paint

Directory listing of Painting technicians - Repair & Service Guide - If you need to remove paint, it’s easier to remove a thin application of paint than a thick one, so thin coats of glass paint will set you up for a great finish. If you’ve applied a thin coat of paint, you should be able to handle the project safely in about four hours. You can also reduce the need for correcting imperfections in glass paint applications by applying paint carefully in thin coats, and allowing the paint to dry fully between coats. Once your paint has been applied to the glass, allow it to dry in a clean, protected space. . Thick coats of paint not only take longer to dry, but that longer drying time leaves more time for your project to pick up dust, dirt and other unwanted inclusions ..More

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UV glass printing catches on

Best Local Painting technicians - Ask And Expert - Faqs - Message Board - This shortens the production process, making it easy to update glass printed displays. As an added benefit, UV glass printing does not require any post-processing or curing to fix the image on the glass. ..More

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Translucent glass paint effects

Best Local emergency Painting contractors - Talk To An Expert - Repair DIY Help Center - If daylight is the intended light source, evaluate the piece under daylight conditions before adding more coats of paint. Evaluate the translucence of the piece after each coat of paint has dried completely, using a light source that is similar to the light source that will be applied to the final piece. . . Using Glassprimer™ glass paint, you can apply as many as eight coats of paint, but each coat you add will reduce the translucence of the piece ..More

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Cleaning glass paint overspray

Popular licensed Painting contractors - Blogs On Diagnosis & Repair - . . Glass paint overspray can be removed from areas of the glass that aren’t supposed to be painted, but you’ll need to act promptly to correct a glass paint overspray problem! Glass paint is dry to the touch within about 3 hours of being applied, and the painted glass can be safely handled within about 4 hours of paint application ..More

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