Acetoxy-cure silicone adhesives and glass paint

Find industrial Painting contractors - Helpful Articles and details on repair & services - inspections, maintenance, replacements & upgrades - . Humidity will readily penetrate silicone adhesives and can create a condition known as “over-curing. Neutral cure silicone adhesive is less affected by humidity, while acetoxy-cure and oxime-cure adhesives will be more negatively affected by humidity. Because kitchens and bathrooms tend to be humid places, neutral-cure silicone adhesives turn out to be the superior choice for glass paint applications. ” To avoid over-curing, which can diminish the strength of the adhesive bond, limiting exposure to humidity can be important following the initial cure. Silicone adhesive is good at rejecting water, but water vapor (as in humidity) triggers the curing process for acetoxy-cure silicone adhesives ..More

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Correcting imperfections in glass paint

Popular nationwide commercial Painting contractors - Blog - Ask A Question - . Glassprimer™ glass paint is engineered to bond permanently with glass, so correcting imperfections must happen quickly. The good news is that repaired layers will blend invisibly once the reapplied paint has dried. ..More

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Neutral-cure silicone adhesives

Directory Listing Of Painting companies - Guide & Tips - inspections, maintenance, replacements & upgrades - . Neutral-silicone cure adhesives are widely available and inexpensive. They offer water-tight and air-tight adhesion, and won’t shrink, crumble or crack when exposed to UV light or variable temperatures and humidity. ..More

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Using glass paint around the stove

Service Expert master Painting companies - Blog - Ask A Question - If you need to cut glass that you intend to use around the stove, you’ll need to measure and cut the glass first, and then have the glass tempered to protect it from heat damage. . In areas of the kitchen that aren’t subjected to high heat, you can use non-tempered glass. This gives you greater flexibility because you can safely cut or trim non-tempered glass to accommodate electrical outlets, switches and other features that are common around kitchen countertops. ..More

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Humidity and glass paint

10 Best reputed industrial Painting contractors - Talk To An Expert - Repair DIY Help Center - . If the paint is wet, it will peel away from the glass surface. The paint will bubble and flake – something you certainly don’t want in a kitchen! The relative humidity in the kitchen changes every time you cook something, so ordinary paint on glass will be subjected to these wide swings in humidity every day. ..More

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